Famous Jazz Musicians

If you request an avid Jazz fan what the best tunes of all time are they will likely name three or four famous performers. The majority of those tunes are by famous Jazz musicians like Count Basie, Louis Armstrong, and my favorite player John Coltrane. Lots of great jazz musicians just were popular for a short period and quickly faded in the public spotlight… Many were way before their times and had huge hits. These infrequent musicians were true artistic visionaries!


Listening to jazz music has been a favorite past time because the early 20th century. Jazz was designed in America during the first years of the twentieth century. The first formal jazz band was made at the Metropole Ballroom in nyc in June of 1903. This group was called The Allman’s Club. At this stage there were many prominent jazz musicians including Count Basie, Merle Haggard, and Herb Ellis.



It wasn’t long until more famous jazz musicians joined the rankings. Count Basie developed a style of his own that he referred to as Jazz with a capital J. After leaving The Allman’s Club he went solo and created such hits as “Blue Moon of Kentucky”, “inately”, and “I’m Left, You’re Right”. Merle witnesses the birth of rock and roll with “I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face” and “Mystery Train”. John Coltrane wrote most of popular jazz standards such as “What’s been heading on” and “Blue Moon of Kentucky”.


Jazz bands from the 1920s frequently performed in secret and it was only through Louis Armstrong’s intervention that these groups would get together in massive groups. Jazz bands from New Orleans played with crowds of enormous crowds all the time. These larger groups included the Dixieland Jass Band, Royal Jazz Band, King Curtis’ Band, and many others.


Louis Armstrong had an instant success with his songs “That’s All Right”,”I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face”, and “I’m Left, You’re Right”. These tunes helped him sell more than two hundred recordings in his profession. Count Basie and Merle Ginsberg was quite famous with their interpretations of jazz songs. They composed many tunes that are still popular now. Many people believe, Count Basie to be one of the greatest ever jazz musicians.


After World War II ended, many rings would start to play jazz music. Jazz became very popular among artists both in the USA and overseas. When Harry Belushi and Chet Atkins took over The Chuck Berry Band they attracted attention into the forefront of popular radio broadcasts. Other famous jazz musicians include: Bob Dylan, Joe Jackson, and The Yardbirds.