Upcoming Jazz Concerts in 2021

Jazz lovers have all awaiting jazz festivals scheduled for the next ten years. As there are so many jazz musicians, it’s really hard to choose which among them are going to be able to play at a specific location and at a specific time. For some, they are quite interested in soloists such as trumpeters or clarinet players while for others, it’s the quintessential jive jazz band like the jazz band Cats or the Big Jazz Brass Band. Additionally, there is a great deal of jazz lovers that are more into rhythm section or their drummers compared to their vocalist or guitarists. If you’re one of those jazz lovers, then you’re just like the rest of those who are waiting for the jazz concert schedules to be published so that you could watch your favorite musician to play with his or her best jazz songs. In this article, we will go over a number of the best jazz concerts which are held in the upcoming year. Read More

The History of Jazz Music

Jazz Music has its own roots in any one of several dozen pre-modern forms that may have existed as far back as 1500 B.C. Most scholars agree that the background of jazz, at least in the United States, can be split roughly into three main periods – the Colonial Period, the Industrial Period, along with the Post-War Stage. The first two periods witnessed major changes in jazz fashion. The Colonial Period brought about greater social and economic diversity in America’s African American population, whose music was often more slaves-based than white. Read More

The Role of a Bassist in Jazz

The part of a Bassist in Jazz Music Can loosely be defined as the drummer or the bass player in a rhythm line. The Bassist is frequently the link between the rhythm part as well as other members of an outfit. The bass can also be the singer or the musical lead. The vital purpose of the bass in jazz music is to provide the required rhythmic, harmonic, and melodic elements needed by a rhythm line. To learn more about bass players in jazz, have a look at this handy guide. Read More

Famous Jazz Musicians

If you request an avid Jazz fan what the best tunes of all time are they will likely name three or four famous performers. The majority of those tunes are by famous Jazz musicians like Count Basie, Louis Armstrong, and my favorite player John Coltrane. Lots of great jazz musicians just were popular for a short period and quickly faded in the public spotlight… Many were way before their times and had huge hits. These infrequent musicians were true artistic visionaries! Read More

How to Start Playing Jazz

How to begin Playing Jazz is a ten-part beginner guide for all of the basics that are required to begin learning and playing the wonderful tool of jazz. Including fingering and position, learning how to read notes, learning to improvise, picking styles, advanced techniques like Latin tones, scales, and more. The great thing about learning the tool is that if you do not know where to search for some advice, you could always go online. There’s a high number of websites which provide information on everything you need to know about playing the Jazz. The only issue with sites that provide advice is that they can be extremely confusing, particularly for a beginner. You should also consider listening to educational jazz music if you want to learn how to perform well. Read More