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Jazz Corner Talk's Values

When we first started, we had one goal in mind. We wanted to make sure that everyone who loved playing, listening, or being around jazz felt welcomed into the community.

That is why we created classes, talks, and sharing sessions open for all ages, so that no one would feel left out. We believe everyone has their sound, and we want to help bring that melody out/

Jazz teachers

How We Came To Be

It all started when two avid, yet opposing jazz bands got together in a competiton to see who had the most grooves and smooth musician moves in a little underground bar in New Orleans.

What started as a competition ended as an incredible collaboration to showcase teh magic and professionalism of jazz. That night, both bands got together and shared stories and music for the first time. Miguella Larson, owner of the bar then asked if they wanted to start a Jazz community of sorts to grow and spread the love of jazz even further. The rest was history. 

Meet Our Team

Michael Samson
Double Bass Player

Experienced Bass player Michael has been in the jazz scene for over a decade

Alice Ortego
Jazz Instructor

Alice has been teaching Jazz for 6 years at the New Orleans Institute of Music

Kamisato Sakura
Saxophone Player

Sakura came all the way from Japan to join our community, teaching students her unique sax flair

Roger Anderson
Jazz Instructor

Roger has mastered every Jazz instrument there is, and is now set on teaching others to achieve the same.

Come Join Our Community!

Let’s spread the magic of Jazz with the world, together!